Rules and Regulations



Exhibit Booth/Space Restrictions:

The Fox Cities Kidz Expo follows standard industry rules regarding exhibits. This includes but is not limited to the specified rules below:

  • You may not expand beyond your pre-determined space. This includes physical objects as well as audio infringement (e.g. loud music, shouting to customers).
  • Booth may not have any object higher than 8′ without prior approval.
  • Booth may not block reasonable sight lines of another exhibitor. The last 3 feet of the sides closest to the aisle may be no taller than 4′.
  • Care of building and equipment: Nothing may be affixed to any wall, ceiling or floor without the express written permission of the event chairs.
  • Only one firm per booth (Note: add $150 for additional firms)

No Shows/Cancellations: If space is cancelled 31, or more, days prior to the date of the event, there is no penalty. If cancelled 30 days less prior to the event, no payment will be refunded. In the event the expo is cancelled for any reason whatsoever, the rental and lease of space to the exhibitor shall be terminated in which case the limit of claim for damage and/or compensation shall be limited to half the cost of the booth rental.

Food & Non-alcoholic Drinks: Food giveaways should be fundamental to your display. All food/beverage samples MUST BE APPROVED by the chair a minimum of THREE WEEKS PRIOR TO EVENT and approved/licensed with the Health Inspector.

Maximum portions allowable:

  • Beverage samples – 2 oz.
  • Solid food sample – not to exceed 2oz.

Giveaways: No helium balloons or stickers are allowed as giveaways, but can be used as décor.

Payment Transactions: You may not sell products or services at the event.

Making the most of your expo experience:

Create an experience! Fun and interactive displays attract more visitors and make your booth more memorable. Even an activity such as pick-a-duck or hop-scotch will bring people in long enough to talk to them. Remember, the parents will have kids with them and want them to be engaged.

Make an impact with giveaways. Share kid-friendly samples